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R&S AFGU 1 uHz...20 MHz

AFG and AFGU provide practically all signals that are required in electronics, electroacoustics, vibration measurements,
material testing and control engineering. Modulation modes include AM, FM, PM (pulse), FSK (frequency shift keying) and VCO operation.
FSK and PM can be triggered internally or externally. AM and FM can be produced with the aid of external modulation signals.

Typical applications
Analog and digital techniques
All broadband applications such as frequency response/filter measurements
Acoustic measurements
Frequency divider and multiplier
Waveform regeneration, transformation
On/off ratio variation, level shift
Stimulating source in test systems
Tests on sonar equipment
Control engineering
Triggering of pressure, tension and torsion testing machines in material testing
Triggering of test equipment for vibration testing and operational load simulation
Ramp and sine2 pulse through variation of symmetry, start/stop phase and DC offset
Single pulses, pulse trains -internally /externally triggered, adjustable edges
Linear/logarithmic sweep (phasecontinuous steps)
AM, FM, VCO, pulse modulation and frequency shift keying

Additional features of AFGU
Synthesizer-accurate signals
Arbitrary (ARB) waveforms
Use of special ARB software
(AWD-K1; page 245) on a PC
FN and FxN mode
Arbitrary (ARB) sweep
Enhanced level range, selectable
source impedance 5/50 Ohm

Comes with waveform design software (DOS)

R&S  AFGU 1 uHz...20 MHz
 R&S  AFGU 1 uHz...20 MHz

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