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HP 3488A Switch Controller

The Agilent 3488A switch/control unit brings versatile, GPIB programmable switching to tests requiring multi-channel measurements. The Agilent 3488A provides signal switching with the integrity and isolation needed for high-performance production test systems. It also offers a flexible, low-cost interconnection for automating experiments on the bench and for developing tests in the lab. The Agilent 3488A is designed to hold up to five of the following switch and control modules:

•10-channel relay multiplexer (opt 010)
•10-channel general purpose relay (opt 011)
•Dual 4-channel VHF switch (opt 012)
•4 x 4 matrix switch (opt 013)
•16-bit digital input/output (opt 014)
•Breadboard (opt 015)
•3-channel 18 GHz switch (opt 016)
•7-channel form-C relay (opt 017)
•2-channel microwave switch (opt 018)
•1.3 GHz 50 and 75 ohm multiplexer (opt 019, opt 020)
•DC to 26.5 GHz signal switching
•Up to 50 channels
•Matrix, multiplexer, and general purpose relays
•40 configuration storage registers
•Digital I/O control and actuation
•11 switch and control modules


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